Krysta Knight

Term of Service



I only accept payment through Paypal. After an order has been submitted, services are discussed and finalized, I will send you an invoice. Work will begin once payment has been received.

By paying the invoice you agree to all terms.


I design and install on WordPress, however I always work with premade WordPress themes/frameworks such as BluChic or Genesis.

My custom WordPress designs are for self-hosted WordPress sites only. You must own your own domain, as well as purchase hosting.

Fonts, Images and Kits

Krysta Knight is not liable for any photos or design elements provided by clients. You must have permission from a photographer or the rights released to use their images.

Turn Around Time

Once a project is started it will take average 2-4 weeks to complete and install depending on the number of edits you make and the length of response time between revisions. I make every effort to work as quickly as possible, but I want to be happy with the design before giving you a proof. I cannot be held responsible if a timeline is exceeded. If you have a specific installation date or timeline you are looking for, please contact me in advanced to make sure I can accommodate that.

If timeline is becoming excessive due to the lack of response from the client, design can be delayed. If I don’t hear from you within 7 consecutive days during a design process, your project will be put on hold. If I don’t hear from you for 21 consecutive days your project will be considered abandoned, no refund will be given, no design files will be provided.

Proof Process/Edits

We will exchange a variety of emails before I start designing so that I can get a clear idea of what it is you would like from the design.

I include three rounds of edits free of charge on your first draft and two rounds of edits on your final draft. A round can include multiple edits and must be sent within ONE email. Please take the time to look over your draft and reply with all requested edits in the same email. Sending multiple edits in multiple emails can be confusing and time consuming and may be considered a round of edits each. If design edits are becoming too excessive I will make you aware and we can proceed with a charge of $5 per edit, with a minimum of $25. Payment must be made before additional edits are made.

If you decide to change any purchased element (kit, graphic, purchased font, theme etc.) of your design in the middle of the process, you will be charged for the price of the new element you choose plus the time already spent on your original design at $30/hour.

If you specify a WordPress theme during the design process and later request a different theme, you will be charged the cost of that theme if I do not already own it. You will also be charged additional time to customization the new theme at the rate of $30/hour.


Installation is included with package purchases. For installation to occur I will send instructions on how to make me an admin on your blog. The installation process could take up to four hours for WordPress.

PLEASE BACK UP YOUR BLOG BEFORE INSTALLATION, I am not responsible for content lost during the installation process.

Once installation is complete, I would recommend leaving me as an admin for at least 48 hours. During this time please test the design and work with your blog. If any issues arise, please let me know and I will fix them. This time is ONLY for finding and fixing issues with the design and code (links not working, images not aligning, etc.) We will not be making any edits the design itself, those should be completed in the draft process. If you request edits to the design, template, layout, or coding, different from what was approved in the final draft, an additional charge may apply at the cost $5 per edit with a minimum of $25. After installation is complete and any bugs are fixed you can remove me from the admin.

Installation is a long process because the design will most likely need to be adjusted once the design is added to your site and filled with your content. You will need to be available during installation to check over the design as well as help with certain elements of installation.

Business Hours

Business hours are MWF 8am-6pm CST. This is my part-time job as I am currently a full-time student. Please be aware that during peak times; midterms, final exams, etc, business hours may be changed. It is always my desire to provide the best customer service so I will always try to be as available as possible.