Visiting Horseshoe Bend

I am sure by now you have seen some amazing photographs of Horseshoe Bend. It’s one of the most popular and Instagramable sights in the American Southwest! Horseshoe Bend is a 270 degree bend in the Colorado River that runs through Page, Arizona.  It is situated about five miles outside of Page, Arizona and is over 4200 feet above sea level. Its curve makes it looks like a horseshoe, thus the name and from the lookout point down to the Colorado River is a 1000 foot drop. We were lucky enough to have a great experience at Horseshoe Bend but there are still a few things we wish we would have done differently, so we thought we would share our do’s and don’ts of visiting Horseshoe Bend.

horseshoe bend, visiting horseshoe bend
horseshoe bend, visiting horseshoe bend

The Do’s

  • Do get there early.

Sunrise is the best time not only to photograph Horseshoe Bend  but also to experience it. We arrived right at sunrise and there were about 8 other people there already. By the time we left the parking lot was full and it was starting to get crowed. The previous day we had attempted to go mid-afternoon and couldn’t even get into the parking lot.  If you plan to get photos or actually enjoy Horseshoe Bend getting there early is a MUST!

  • Do bring a wide angle lens

Though I love, love, love the photos we got I was still upset that we couldn’t get any of the entire bend. I only brought my regular lens with me and there are no spots high enough to get the entire bend in one photo without a wide angle lens. You can rent a lens if you don’t want to invest in one long term. It would definitely be worth it.

  • Do take time to enjoy the sights!

Our visit to Horseshoe Bend was rather short; as we went to go see Lake Powell, the Grande Canyon, then drive back to Las Vegas all in one day (The longest day of our lives!). We wish we had gotten the chance to just take in the sights for a little while longer. If you choose to visit Horseshoe Bend take some time to really appreciate  this natural world wonder.

  • Do bring water and go pee before hand

There are no bathrooms and no shade along the path to Horseshoe Bend so be prepared!

The Don’ts

  • Don’t wear sandals 

Though the “hike” to Horseshoe Bend is very easy, its also very sandy and rocky. I wore sandals and it was a bad decision. Wear tennis shoes on the trail down to the bend then change into your cute shoes for your photos.

  • Don’t be rude

Other people are going to want to get photographs from all the cool angles just like you. Take some time, get some cool photos and enjoy the sights but if you sense someone else wanting to snap a photo from where you are chilling, be nice and try looking at Horseshoe Bend from another location. While we were visiting, there was a really good looking spot that I wanted to try and take some photos from but these two girls were just sitting on there phones right there the entire time.


Have you ever been to Horseshoe Bend? What are your dos and don’ts for traveling?


-Krysta & Zack


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