Hiking Entrajo Canyon – Canyoneering Moab

Hiking Entrajo Canyon near Moab, Utah was hands down the best thing we did during our stay in Moab. The hiking, climbing, water features and of course the repel were all AMAZING! If you are looking to go canyoneering in Moab, Utah to hike and repel Entrajo Canyon, we would suggest booking your canyoneering experience through Moab Desert Adventures. Our tour guide Marie was super knowledgeable and friendly. You do have to call to book, which makes it super easy to find an opening. Almost everywhere else we looked was booked a month in advance but we were able to book the week before, though I wouldn’t suggest doing that.

We decided to do a half day hike, mostly because we (read: Krysta lol) are out of shape. The initial hike/climb to the top was definitely challenging but doable! It’s nice that the most difficult part is at the beginning, so once you get to the top you can take some time to catch your breath and enjoy the views and scenery for the rest of the hike.

The water features in Entrajo Canyon were awesome. We walked through water filled canyons and even arched over a few. We liked that Marie went out of the way to show us different canyoneering techniques that did not require any special skills. We had a lot of fun trudging through the water and finding fun ways to try an avoid it.


Repelling in Entrajo Canyon in Moab was the main reason we looked into this canyoneering excursion, and it did not disappoint. There are two repels in Entrajo Canyon. The first is 30 ft and does not require you to be clipped onto the rope. Marie used herself as an anchor as we walked down the side of a short drop into a narrow pathway. After climbing over a few boulders and sliding into some more water puddles, we finally made it to the main event!

The second repel is 120ft high, down a dry water fall into a small pond. The views going down were amazing and the repel did not disappoint! Make sure to watch out vlog to see video footage of this awesome canyonneering adventure in Moab!



If you do decide to go canyoneering in Moab, Utah make sure to get lots of photos!!!


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