Is it Too Late to Start a YouTube Channel?

As more and more video content floods YouTube, I know some creators wonder if its too late to start a YouTube channel. While it was definitely easier to start a channel when there were less folks on the platform, online media is quickly growing into one of the most consumed sources of entertainment. By 2025 it is estimated that half of people under the age of 35 will not pay for regular cable. This makes the opportunity as an online video creator immense!

As we see more people shift away from traditional television, we will need to continue to up the quality and regularity of our content. Here are some ways you can succeed as a new YouTuber in this evolving age of social media.

Create good quality content as often as possible

  • This is pretty much the secret to being successful online. The more content we put out the more reasons we give people to watch, and comeback and watch, our videos. Having a dedicated filming space, good lighting, and a decent camera are all ways that will make creating good quality video content on a regular basis a lot easier.

Know who your audience is

  • Understanding who your audience is will give you better insight into what type of content you should be making. Knowing their age, interest, and why they watch your videos are all useful information. Take some time to look into your YouTube analytics and learn more about your subscribers.

Be a Business

  • If you want to be a YouTuber you must treat it like a business and running a business is hard. It takes not only making great content but understanding how things like SEO and the YouTube algorithm work. You most likely wont be an overnight success and you probably don’t want to be ( they tend to fizzle out). Make a plan, do your research and  learn how to run YouTube as a business person, not just a YouTube user.


If you want to start a YouTube channel now is the perfect time. It will be tough, believe me I know, but all your work will pay of if you grind hard and stay open to learning new things!


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  1. October 16, 2017 / 5:08 am

    Thanks for sharing these tips dear. My YT channel is a year old and i see more growth when I uped the quality of my videos ❤❤

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