How To Take Instagram Photos When There Is No One Around To Help

Well, its been a while but I am back! I get asked a lot about who takes my Instagram and blog photos and people are always surprised to hear that I take them myself. Taking your own non-selfie styles photos can be tricky so I decided to make a little vlog sharing some tips and tricks on what I do and I will also share some more tips on Instagram and blog photography here.

Go Somewhere You Feel Comfortable

When taking photos by yourself make sure you are in an area you feel safe being by yourself in. Remember that you will be lugging around some expensive camera equipment, so stay away from sketchy places, regardless of how cute they are!

Invest In A Good Wireless Remote

A good wireless remote is going to be your savior. Get one that lets you stand at least 15 feet away. Don’t buy the $10 Canon one please. Believe me, you will either lose it or quickly realize it was a waste of money. You need to be way to close for it to work and it only works if you point it at the exact right angle. Just spend a little more on a nice one, it will be worth it. I use this one*.


Taking photos should be fun, so don’t forget to have some!

Links mentioned in video:

CAMERA – Canon t4i*
LENS ‣ 18-35 mm f1.8 Sigma*
TRIPOD ‣ Vanguard*


All links marked with * affiliate commission links

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