3 Easy Instagram Worthy Summer Hairstyles for Natural 4C Hair 2016

        Because the natural hair struggle is very real I wanted to share some super cute and fun ways I like to style my 4C natural hair! I hope you enjoy and remember to subscribe to my channel and follow me on the gram @thisiswore XX, Krysta  

7 Things to Add To Your Closet To Make You Seem More Grown Up

As we shift out of college into the "adult" world, a wardrobe that can shift with you is going to be very important. Last summer I bought my first suit for my first "real" job as an intern. This was my first time experiencing a corporate environment and also the first time I realized that my current  

Being Two Things x H&M

                      There comes a time when we all have to decide what path to take in life. Recently I thought that if I chose to take one path it meant I wouldn't be able to go down the other. After my catastrophe of an internship  

A Nautical Bodysuit

I love blue and white stripes for spring. I am glad I found this cute little street to take photos on. I love finding new places in town to take photos and I think will quickly become one of my favorites. I consistently try to find solid colored walls to take my photos in front of and consistently  


I'm partnering with Google (YES THAT GOOGLE!!!) to help announce the launch of the limited edition Jeff Koons Live Phone Case for Nexus! Not only do you get a phone case designed by the Famous Artist Jeff Koons, you also get a case that creates a live background on your phone! I thought I would