What To Do When Instagram’s New Algorithm F*cks You Over

From 100 to 0 like real quick! As Instagram's new algorithm came into place these past few months I hadn't had any of these adverse affects that so many others seemed to be coming across. My followers kept growing, my engagement was fantastic, I didn't understand any of the complaints. During  

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Followers on Instagram

Recently I keep getting asked how I have gained so many followers on Instagram as well as what I do to get companies to send me free stuff and even pay me to post photos of their products. Well today I am going to spill the beans on what I did! In 6 months I was able to gain over 12000, yes 12  

How to Become an Instagram Influencer : Getting Started

Whether you are into fashion, traveling or lifestyle becoming an Instagram Influencer is hard work but can bring lot of awesome things into your life ; free stuff, travel opportunities and even real life money if you work hard enough. I get asked all the time how I become anĀ Instagram Influencer