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What To Do When Instagram’s New Algorithm F*cks You Over

From 100 to 0 like real quick!

what to do when instagrams new algorithm hates you

As Instagram’s new algorithm came into place these past few months I hadn’t had any of these adverse affects that so many others seemed to be coming across. My followers kept growing, my engagement was fantastic, I didn’t understand any of the complaints. During August I was averaging about 800 likes per photo. Life was great and all was well in my kingdom. The past 2 weeks paint a different story though. My engagement has decreased by almost half! Out of no where my photos went from getting 600 likes in a few hours to struggling to hit 400 in a day. What is happening? I’ve been consistent and my photos are just as good as before, so whats changed?

I think Instagram is targeting middle sized accounts and lowering their reach to try and force them into switching to business profiles. We all know that Instagram business profiles are heading the same way Facebook business pages are; straight down the drain. I don’t plan on switching. I thought about it a few times, but I won’t give in! Thoughts of what is going on have been running rampant through my mind and the analytics that an Instagram business profile have would be awesome but I know what’s up Instagram!


Here are some ways I think might help when Instagram’s new algorithms finally f*cks you over!

1.Stop being so gosh darn consistent!

Very contradictory to my last post about Instagram, but the reason I think this might help is if Instagram is keeping any information about our accounts posting time is definitely one of them. The average person probably doesn’t post every single day at the exact same times. Switch it up every once in a while and post at a time you would never even think of posting at. Do this on a simi-regular basis, choosing a different time of day each time. Even skip a day or 2 or 5 if you really want to throw it off. After I didn’t post for an entire week my engagement for the next week was some of the highest its ever been.


2. Switch up your hashtags

Stop using the same hashtags over and over. There is a good chance Instagram is keeping track of the ones you use. Switch them up. Try changing a few but changing all of them might be even smarter. This goes back to consistency. If you are using the same hashtags over and over again you are probably a “business” putting out the same content. Find a new set of hashtags to use for a while and see if anything changes.


3. Try a new platform

Instagram is not the only social media platform (no duh), so spend some time looking into another platform you could be utilizing better. I’ve decided to start doing Youtube! There are plenty of other ways to reach your audience so don’t just let them go to waste! Take the time to try and find at least one other platform you could be using. That way if Instagram continues to hate you, you will still have another platform to reach your audience on!


4. Remember its just Instagram!

Instagram is not the end all be all of life. Instead of focusing so much on likes and followers go out and live life! Read a book, go on a hike, learn to fly a plane. Don’t let the likes and followers consume you. This is he biggest lesson I’ve learned from the tragedy that is Instagram’s new algorithm. This weekend for me is going to be spent camping with my friends and attempting some astro-photography. Might even throw a photo up on my feed just the ruin my theme and freak Instagram out a little!


Happy posting and don’t forget life happens outside of your phone and computer screen too! -Krysta


  1. Thank you so much for the post. It was really helpful as I have never really thought about instagram tracking posting times. I shall try implementing that technique for my next post.
    I look forward to more blog posts from you in the future.

  2. I found the same just in the last week. My comments are nearly as high as my likes thanks to comment pods and some regular commenters, but likes are really down. I’ve been dropping off a couple of hashtags compared to normal, and looking for some other ones but otherwise I’m just hoping it goes back to normal. I’ve not changed to a business account yet because while I do have a blog I monetise, my instagram isn’t really a place I promote my blog so I don’t class that as my business, plus I’d heard people had lost engagement – that’s ironic now.

  3. Hahaha! “Go out and get a life.”

    It’s true though, these constant changes are very irritating. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us, and live unstoppable!

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